Best Idea EVER or Terrible Career Move: Who’s Getting Hosed Here?

By Mitch Allen

Remember Juaquin Pheonix’s mental breakdown where he chose to give up acting, grow a homeless type beard, never take his sunglasses off and pursue a career in rap music? It was all over the news at the time and no longer would late night talk show hosts like David Letterman allow him on their show. As all this was going down though the camera(s) continued to roll. Puzzled at the time it’s all making sense now. An elaborate scheme by Casey Affleck for a documentary surrounding it all.

“I’m Still Here” – the documentary about Juaquin’s so called “breakdown” is now in theatres and as much as I’m interested in seeing it, I’m still a bit hesitant because deep down I feel like it was planned the whole time. One part of me is saying, “wow, what an amazing idea, I wish I would have thought of it, fake a career meltdown, incredible!” but on the other hand I feel a bit like a sucker. Not that I was generally concerned for the direction in which his career was heading, but now I feel like, as to what lengths will Hollywood go to make a buck?

Sure it’s an interesting idea for a documentary but there are real people out there I’m sure suffering from mental issues very similar to what Juaquin was portraying and now they are being exploited for money. Could it have been real though and Casey was just there at the perfect time to document the entire downfall? Seeing as how this isn’t his first film as a director that’s very hard for me to beleive. What are all your takes on it? Do you feel your being played? Do you feel Juaquin can make a comeback after all this?

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