Green Laws: More Help Than Hurt?

For some time now, the green movement has been gaining increased popularity. Everywhere you look, businesses are quick to advertise how environmentally sound their new products are. Save money, save the earth: the green movement appeals to all of us in some way. However, have you ever even heard the arguments against green advancement? Have you ever weighed the pros and cons before blindly believing the often ludicrous claims that these green products make? I know I didn’t, until I stumbled across an article in the Investors Business Daily (newspaper)

The article is, of course, biased and maybe even exaggerated. But it brings to attention some startling facts. The green movement has succeeded in the banning of the 75watt incandescent light bulb. Last year, it was the 100watt bulb that was banned. Already, are you starting to feel outraged? The government is stepping in and MANDATING to us the proper way to light our homes.

For the factory in Winchester, VA --- its LIGHTS OUT

The newer, greener bulbs cost up to six times as much as their counterparts and are made largely in china–due to cost efficiency. The new bulbs are NOT necessarily better than the ones deemed illegal, but they ARE more expensive and require more hand labor (the glass must be twisted into a shape reminiscent of the double helix). When ordinary incandescent light bulbs became outlawed, the factories that produced them had to shut down. When the factories shut down, hardworking Americans were cheated out of their jobs.

Do you see the problem here? We are being told how to light our homes, American jobs are being destroyed in order to create jobs for the Peoples Republic of China, and we are forced to buy the same product for six times the normal price!

The article can be found online, here:

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2 Responses to Green Laws: More Help Than Hurt?

  1. victoriarobillard88 says:

    I agree is seems like a choice between being green or haivng US jobs. I think I’ll go with the jobs. This is an interesting article. I hope the word gets out on this tricky situation.

  2. marisa2430 says:

    By: Marisa A. Gutierrez

    This article brought something to my attention that I totally did not know about. I am curious as to why this article or something similar to it didn’t actually make the news on television or something. This would of enraged many Americans, especially since it endangered many hard working American jobs on the home front. The only problem is that most of these issues did not even arise to the broader audience or the masses. I am definitely going to spread word of mouth on what I learned in this article. Overall, this article was very insightful and carried a lot of good research behind it.

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