Binge Drinking Leads to Poor Life Decisions

Binge drinking used to be defined as drinking a lot over several days. Now its defined as drinking 5 or more drinks in a short period of time.  Now-a-days from what I have noticed is that binge drinking is becoming more socially acceptable. But does that mean that it is acceptable? Most people drink in moderation, but binge drinking could lead from one bad decision to the next.

The University of Missouri conducted a test that asked 200 male and female students to play a computer card game called “The Iowa Gambling Task”. In this game the students were trying to devise a winning approach by choosing cards from advantageous, rather than disadvantageous, card decks. They were split into four groups: group 1, drank 1 or more drinks in the past 30 days, group 2, drank moderately, group 3, drank over the course of the study, group 4, drank heavily throughout the course of the study.   I bet you can guess the results. The group that drank heavily performed much worse on average than the other groups.

Dr. Goudriaan and her colleagues conclude: “Although a causal link has yet to be established, our findings indicate that binge- drinking at a younger age and prolonged binge-drinkingare associated with worse decision-making.” ( Direct Quote)

Drinking can be fun and a great way to be social. But in the long run can lead to a terrible addiction, liver disease and or worse drinking to the point of alcohol poising which could lead to death. Cheers!


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25-year-old college student studying public relations and expecting to graduate in May 2011. Reason I set up a WordPress account... We had to. We are using it in a Feature Article class at CSUF.
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