Popcorn and a Movie Anyone?

Look at all the calories

Can you remember the last time you went to the movies and did not buy popcorn to enjoy while watching the show?

The next time you are at the concession stand debating what snack to buy, you might think twice before choosing to indulge in a big bucket of salty and buttery popcorn. The popcorn often used in most movie theaters is loaded with a significant amount of fat, salt, and calories. The amount of fat is so high due to the oil used when making the popcorn. The worst kind is coconut oil which Regal Cinemas use for their popcorn according to Jane Hurley, the nutritionist for the Center of Science in the Public Interest (CSPI).

CSPI conducted a study that tested popcorn from different movie theaters to find out the exact nutritional facts of this ever-so-popular moviegoer snack.

So how bad is it you ask? If you like getting the large size popcorn, which is equivalent to 20 cups of popcorn, at your favorite Regal Cinemas you are consuming a total of 1,200 calories and 60 grams of fat. Eating the large size popcorn is like eating four McDonald’s cheeseburgers.

If you think you are doing yourself a favor by getting the medium size, think again. The only difference between the large size and the medium size is the container it comes in. Believe it or not the medium size popcorn also has about 20 cups of popcorn, giving you the same caloric intake as the large size. Shocking right?

Of course we can’t have popcorn without drowning it in butter. For every teaspoon of butter that we add on top of the already salty popcorn, we are adding another 130 calories! Lets think of it as adding extra oil on top of our french fries.

Chewing gum through the movie is a great option tho get our minds off of those fat-filled snacks but if the the concession stand is an absolute must then opt for the gummy bears which still have a pretty high calorie value of 390 but on the upside have 0 grams of fat.

Remember above all else, enjoy the show!

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