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Start Saving by Renting

With cost of tuition and textbooks on the up and up it has come to the attention of most students that the newest way in cutting back costs on books is renting. As a money conscience student myself, it is obvious that this new idea of renting has really captivated the hearts of many students.  

According to Al Tompkins of, being an author himself, he wasn’t too thrilled about the new trend of renting textbooks. But as a bill-paying parent, he sees the attraction. Well, Mr. Tompkins…not to rain on your author parade, but….What about the bill-paying student? Trust us students…we also see the attraction. This not so new notion of renting textbooks may be the wave of the future if costs of textbooks continue to skyrocket. Though opting to buy new or used textbooks still may be at large. The more we see the price of textbooks rise, the more we will see the rental market for textbooks readily available. 

Let’s take for example. Chegg is a California-based online rental company with 4.2 million titles available for rent. Chegg allows students to rent textbooks by the quarter, semester or even a 60 day rental. Chegg makes it easy for the everyday student to rent books simply and successfully. Why pay full price for books you may not need again? Nothing is worse than spending tons of money on a textbook just to turn it in at the end of the year for 1/3 of what you paid for it. BUT WAIT…If you are so inclined to keep your rental book from Chegg, you can do that too! Chegg has an easy policy of how to turn your rental into a purchase. Check out their website for more details. 

Meghan Ryan, Daily Record


 The catch to these new rental ideas are gaining a huge student following. The rise of rentals means students can see substantial upfront cost savings without having to gamble on buying a used book and hoping the bookstore will buy it back.  But is this enough? According to the Associated Press, A new federal law requires publishers to provide textbook price information to professors and calls on colleges to identify course textbooks during registration, giving students more time to shop around. Experts call it a step in the right direction, but not a game-changer. 

For now, all we can do is continue to use the rental market as a gateway into allowing students the ability to acquire textbooks efficiently and affordably. 

Things to consider: e-books?

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One Response to Rent Me…

  1. marisa2430 says:

    By: Marisa A. Gutierrez

    I couldn’t agree more with the pros mentioned in this article about the savings involved for students to rent textbooks, as opposed to trying to scram and get a used textbook, or face the price of paying a much higher amount for a brand new textbook. I can literally count in one hand how many students want to purchase a new textbook because for the most part all consumers, both students and customers alike want to save, save, and save. The more we can save the better. Overall, great research conducted to compile this blog.

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