Facebook Lowers Grades

Here is a scenario: You are at home writing a midterm paper for a class in college.  You’re about half way through the second paragraph and didn’t even complete the last sentence you were writing.  You get distracted in your mind wondering what all of your friends are doing and you go onto Facebook for a few moments. When you get back to your assignment you are kind of lost of where you were at because of most likely commenting on people’s post or writing your own about how you hate writing the paper.

Most college students are guilty of this scenario.  The question is though are you guilty of always having Facebook, AIM, or other social networking sites up while in lecture or doing homework?  Do you sometimes sign on and don’t even know why you did? You may want to be more careful because new studies show that Facebook lowers grades 20 percent.  The study was done by a Netherlands psychologist Paul A. Kirschnera to figure out if younger people are more fluid multi-taskers but also found out that GPA drops also as in effect.

Remember that there is a huge difference between an A and a B grade. Keep in mind next time when you’re in a lecture or studying and doing homework to keep facebook away from your visual site and to not let it run your time when you can be doing more for your GPA.  The “F” in Facebook could mean the “F” in school.

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2 Responses to Facebook Lowers Grades

  1. marisa2430 says:

    By: Marisa A. Gutierrez

    This article brings a valid point to the way media has shifted the mind of students. Or should I say the way Facebook has shifted the thoughts of young minds. I have so many friends that also log in and forget why they did. I have many other friends that log into Facebook while they are in the middle of writing a paper or completing an assignment. I can honestly say, that since the development of Facebook and it’s easy accessibility with it being mobile friendly now as well, I couldn’t agree more with the fact that some of my friends probably have a low GPA because of Facebook. In fact, I would not even doubt it.

  2. zachdrex says:

    Facebook can be a big distraction but I’d like to read this study. Grades lowered by twenty percent? That’s the difference of two letter grades. What about video games, television, or other websites? Do different mediums have different degrees of eefects on grades, or do all distractions have the same effect?

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